How can OmniSource Electronics Recycling Assist You With...

Electronic Waste

Be a part of the solution of sustainability.  Let OER securely manage your e-waste, benefiting both your business and the environment.

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Data Security

You can confidently protect your sensitive data from breaches and cybercrime.  OER’s DoD-compliant data destruction methods guarantee the integrity of your information.

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IT Asset Disposition & Asset Management

OER offers complete solutions for your retiring equipment.  From End-of-Life processing to refurbishment and redeployment, our expertise allows your materials to do the most good.

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Reverse Logistics

Whether your business generates a little e-waste or a lot, OER can tailor custom pickup services to meet your specific needs. We even offer employee recycling event management options.

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Total Recycling Solutions

Bring the power and scope of the nation’s largest recycling family to your business. OER can consolidate your recycling program, saving you valuable time and space.

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Leading the Way in Recycling Solutions

Decades of Industry Leadership. Secure, Certified E-Waste Management.

For over 70 years, OmniSource has provided complete recycling solutions for businesses across the country. Together with Steel Dynamics (SDI) and SDI LaFarga, OmniSource is a part of the largest recycling family in the US.

With the global e-waste problem growing right before our eyes, it is now more important than ever for your business to use a fully certified recycler to manage your outdated electronics. You can put our power, stability, and expertise to work for your e-recycling today. OER can help you to create a managed, complete, worry-free recycling program that will guarantee the security of your data, and allow your equipment to be a part of the solution of sustainability.

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